With our lives getting busier and hectic with each passing day, there arises the need for some or the other form of entertainment. The human race has been time and again looking for ways to keep them entertained and occupied. Speaking of entertainment, one of the most widely preferred mediums of entertainment is the television, which quite obviously occupies a room in every household across the globe. Even though television or TV makes the latest movies, TV series as well as other programs available to us, there is always something more that we human beings yearn for. So, with every television comes a remote control which as the name suggests, provides us total control over the functionality of the television.

However, the Internet of Things technology has already made your television’s remote control a thing of the past by bestowing our human beings with the power to take control over our TV with the help of our Android and iOS powered smartphones. You might want to think of this as the controller of your play station. All you need is your Android/ iPhone device and you can use your phone as your television’s ultimate controller!

Now that you are well acquainted with the whole idea of this innovate gift of the Internet of Things technology, let us dive into much detail and see how IR Blaster is one of the best IoT innovations for smart homes ecosystem. For those of you who are hearing this name for the very first time, IR Blaster is one of the best TV remote apps that is available for Android smartphones.

IR Blaster: The Smart TV Remote

IR Blaster is a great TV remote app for Android smartphones, which is also one of the smartest IoT innovations on the block as of now. This is exactly the reason why the majority of the smartphones in the market are equipped with the IR Blaster remote control app. It is to be noted that this IR Blaster technology is the very same infrared technology that was a part of your traditional TV remote which we have used for decades to control the various functionalities of our television set. If you are lucky enough to find the best universal remote apps on your Android smartphone, good news my friend! You are now capable of acquiring total control over your television without even having to lift your TV’s remote control ever again!!

Not only this, you will be amazed to know that you can use this IR Blaster technology for controlling all the devices which are capable of receiving IR signals, such as your Blu-Ray players, air conditioners, set-top boxes, DVD players and last but not the least all your stereo equipment as well. All you need to do is download any of the TV remote apps out there, such as the AnyMote Smart Remote and you will be good to go. Seems too good to be true, right!

With IR Blaster, say goodbye to all those remotes taking up the entire space on your coffee table!

Planning to binge watch your favourite TV series? Get rid of all those random remote controls (Cable, DVD Player, TV, and Play Station) in your living room and simply let your Android smartphone do the job for you.

The entire point of being technological- advanced is to make our lives easier and convenient and with the IR Blaster universal TV remote, you will no longer have to worry about misplacing any of the remote controls in your home.

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