Dreaming a dream is what we want. We all want our dreams to come true. But have you ever felt like you are caught in a dream on a loop? A fairytale of a dream starts and then turns into a nightmare and the fear of it is gripping you like that as well?

There was a point in my life when the depression hit the hardest and the financial crisis just poured from the sky and it felt like drowning. Until I got myself some help.

A Better Me Was On the Way

Accepting who you are and what your problems are making you stronger rather than weaker.

Be headstrong! That’s the first thought I had when I failed to produce the score I was aiming for SATs. I just had gone through a major domestic trauma, my grandmother passing away, and that had me completely shattered as I was very close to her.

But life must go on for the living, and to be able to live again I tried to face harsher realities of life like peer pressure, the competition to do better, family butchering my dreams and such.

Hence I was going to lose my sanity. And yet I survived when I decided to do something for myself.

Never Say Never to Your Self

To become a better version of myself I first had to make sure I was on the right track, that mentally and emotionally I was on the same page, and thanks to my mentor from the group meetings we had, I came to face my demons with time.


First things first, be able to recognize your needs and wants. Now, remember, both are different things! Yes, I know it’s hard to differentiate in it, but want is something that u think you desire but need is something that you are ignoring and definitely in denial of accepting that you should desire.

The spiritual journey is a way of recognizing those needs, as I felt when I went to perform Umrah. So just like that people need to travel wherever they want to reevaluate themselves.

  • Self-Praise

You can never be perfect. Even a top achiever in a class can have dark times. So to move forward, one should apprise him/herself often even if nobody else does.

I found it the hard way that how to belittle we think of ourselves unless someone tells us how good or bad we are. But you need to stop evaluating yourself from other’s point of views. Judgments can be often biased so learn to trust yourself to appreciate yourself.

  • Follow Your Instincts

Walking down a street and having this pricking sense of being watched can make you uncomfortable even in your home street right? Follow your instinct on it. It might be telling you something.

Instead of being dubious of what others want from you, if that’s not what you desire, then change the course you are currently walking on. If you want to move out, then move out. Or if you want to travel the world all by yourself, then go for solo travelling, but be sure to not worry needlessly over it. It may seem hard at first following your gut feeling but hey, there’s always a silver lining.

  • Travel the world

Travelling can vary from person to person and according to the purpose of course. Some like to go on a solo journey, or some plan their holidays and some need spiritual guidance. I was in that minor category of needing a spiritual journey.

 If you ever felt lost than this can be a way to analyze your life goals and your aims too. And to be honest, when I performed an Umrah I felt at peace.  The travel agency I went through provided me with excellent Umrah packages hence making my decision worth a while.

  • Accepting Reality

The most crucial thing that we always run from at some point. Being a kid is easy that way. You make an imaginary friend in your mind and that’s how you deal with being a kid but what an adult is supposed to do?

We need to face harsher truths, like no food or not having enough money to pay the bills and tuition fees of college. Such things are enough to keep you awake at night. But the sooner you learn to find a solution, the sooner things will start becoming better.

No matter how small an effort is, it takes a will of a lion to move forward. Learn, drive, hit a dead end? Turn around and find the best possible solution to come out of the no-win situation.

Life is not a bed of roses but how do we predict them to be is what life is about. I changed mine when I followed into these steps and helped me be a better version of myself.

I hope the same for every person out there in the world.

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