Rob Miller, a senior security consultant at MWR InfoSecurity delivered his sparkling speech at SyScan in Singapore. He demonstrated how he spent alot of energy and time to build up Lora, a solution to resist the online free radicals. Cyber crime is becoming a menace and Lora solution helps IT experts to retaliate boldly against the cybercrime or virus attack.  However, many critics claim that Lora solution doesn’t provide necessary technical backup to consumer and there must be experts or consultants to help users in the case of operating Lora to reduce the threat from the cyber world. The company must take initiatives to make up the gap.

Telecommunications tower with clear blue sky.
Telecommunications tower with clear blue sky.

Miller Analyzed Functionality of LoRA

Miller analyzed the role of LoRa and according to him, there are many technologies and systems like GSM and wi-fi, which consume considerably high power to send or receive messages. Therefore, they are not suitable for small devices. On the other hand, Zigbee or BTLE is fitted with small devices with short range of radio protocols in the range of 10 meters to have frequencies.  So, there was a need to have better device or system for long range radio protocols. LoRa is the solution for consumers to wear a ring to safeguard against the devastating scam/cyber crime. LoRa and LoRaWAN have wiped out the gap by providing the best solution to customers with excellent backup to prevent the risks of cyber threat.

More Innovations Needed to Develop LoRA

Miller detected few loopholes while doing research to upgrade LoRa. He pointed out that AES-128 encryption technology used to develop LoRa is not efficient to tighten up the cyber security to a great extent. Therefore, LoRa developers must do some comprehensive workouts to upgrade such an advanced anti-cyber crime system.  Lora technology can also be used in upgrading different home décor accessories and monitoring tools with the objective of enhancing full-fledged security from cyber crime.

In leading the examination, Miller noticed that while a few powerful security components are outlined into LoRa, organizations ought not to consider the convention security out of the case. Just expressing that an innovation utilizes ‘AES-128 encryption’ does not imply that all the arrangements drawing on this innovation are accordingly secure.

It ought to be clear to all the engineers of LoRa arrangements that making use of LoRa does not ensure security. Rather, they ought to assemble LoRa arrangements in view of the potential assaults.

To conclude, in his speech, Miller told the audience that LoRa developers must not stop doing experiments and research. Till now, Lora is not capable of providing 100 percent cyber security. So, developers need to prioritize more innovative and advanced research to upgrade Lora and LoRaWAN. Well, this magnificent cyber security system is required to develop the networking systems at different steps of development. It must be utilized to retaliate, detect and react to the online cyber attacks. It is a continuous process of developing LoRa to have more cyber security in forthcoming years.

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