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Machine 2 Machine Communication is an inevitable part of Internet of Things technology and without it, the IoT inspired world we are so excited about will never become a reality. The association between Internet of Things technology as well as Machine 2 Machine Communication can be drawn from the fact that it is impossible to create a common network of communication between all physical entities without the use of M2M technology.

Basically, Machine 2 Machine communication is crucial for developing connection across all aspects of the physical world around us. Using this tool, business processes can be improved, business assets can be monitored in a more efficient manner and new revenues can be generated with ease.

Examples of M2M communication

What is the need for Machine 2 Machine communication?

For the idea of Internet of Things to become successful, it is very necessary for Machine 2 Machine communication to be used at a very large scale. With modern machines increasingly containing computers as well as other electronic devices for storing large amounts of information, there is need for these machines to have better connectivity as well as sharing capacity with all physical devices and objects around them. Basically, a machine can be anything with electrical, mechanical, environmental as well as electronic properties. All kinds of modern machines that we use at our home and workplace such as storage tanks, television sets, refrigerators, etc are a few common examples of Machine 2 Machine communication.

In order to carry out their tasks efficiently, these machines may also consist of inbuilt radios for retrieving as well as transmitting information. The use of such inbuilt radios makes sure that M2M communication is safe and efficient for all kinds of home, medical, industrial as well as business processes. As a result, when information is retrieved correctly, the operator will be able to interpret it more effectively and will be able to draw better conclusions.

Let us think about the scenario when there are no computers present inside the computers. In this case as well, machines can be attached with sensor radio devices for providing physical information across different devices. In such cases, there are chances that both the communicating devices can be far away from each other; hence there arises the need for routing the information. This is a straight indication that both point to point as well as point to multi- point communications are crucial for developing a M2M communication system.

In fact, electronic devices at your home and workplace are only able to communicate with each other due to this common networking designed between them known as the Machine 2 Machine communication.

Examples and Applications of Machine 2 Machine communication:

  1. Utility companies

All utility companies make use of M2M communication for the purpose of harvesting energy products as well as in billing customers. These harvested energy products can be gas, oil, etc and in both the cases, there are two or more modern machines that are communicating with each other in a synchronized manner. In the oil drilling sites, the deployment of remote sensors helps in detecting all important parameters which further indicate the presence of oil at any particular field. These remote sensors are also capable of sending information wirelessly to a remote computer including the flow rates, temperature, pressure required, fuel levels in the oil drilling machines, etc. Not only this, the computer can make remote adjustments on the on- site equipments for maximizing its efficiency.


  1. Traffic control

Another very common area of application for M2M communication is the traffic control system. In any typical traffic control system, there are sensors used for monitoring variables such as speed and volume of traffic. There are high- end software used for sending this information across computers that control devices associated with traffic control, such as variable traffic information signs and lights. With the help of this incoming data, this software is capable of maximizing traffic flow by manipulating the devices.


There are studies going on for making use of M2M communication in determining the status of infrastructure of highways and bridges as well.


  1. Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a common area of application of Machine 2 Machine communication. We have seen heart patients wearing specialized monitors which gather information regarding the working conditions of their heart. This collected data is sent to the implanted electronic devices which send back shocks to the patient for correcting any errant rhythms.


  1. Security in businesses

M2M communication is also important in tracking and regulating inventory in all kinds of businesses. Since all the data regarding the numbers of items in stock is stored inside computer systems, there is reduced scope for theft and other malpractices.


  1. Telemetry

Telemetry is one area where the use of M2M technology is prevalent since over a century now. Replacing wired telemetry systems, wireless and compact systems were brought in which make use of M2M for sending and receiving information across several hundreds of miles.

The future of M2M technology appears to be very bright and the flexibility of this technology is certainly of great use in all kinds of businesses.

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