Persistent and IBM have opted for negotiation to start a new venture to help engineers to take care of important data and files using Internet of Things technology platform.  Experts of these two companies will lend manpower and technology to assist novice engineers and get upgraded techniques to deal with IoT enabled operating portals easily. It will bring down the maintenance cost and time as well.  In a recent press release, the spokesperson of Persistent has unfurled its vision in a more constructive way. In this venture there will be approximately 1000 Persistent engineers to work with experienced consultants representing IBM Watson Internet of Things solution and IBM IoT Continuous Engineering Solutions.


Besides, the specialists with better data analysis expertise will surely be more duty bound to train beginners and help them become talented professionals to work in fast IoT integrated ambiance. The purpose of this new venture is to introduce industry specific IoT experts with razor sharp expertise and deal with the large database supported by IoT clouding platform.

Significant Impact of Joint Venture to Train Engineers 

The combined effort of IBM Watson and Persistent system   is expected to be highly fruitful  with result oriented solutions for  experts.  It will ensure the flawless data security, faster data sharing and conversion through multiple compatible contraptions.  This innovation in the IOT must be understood by new engineers with the least experience in handling the multifunctional IOT platform. IBM IoT Continuous Engineering Solutions  offer more  dynamic  and performance specific projects  with  innovative  ideas  to  assist  smart wearable  manufacturing companies to create more  indigenous  portable devices.

Why Training Employees to Operate IOT?

Chris O’Connor, general manager, IBM Watson IoT Offerings has claimed that the company’s vision is clear and understandable as this special  collaborated venture is to cross verify the  data  security system, optimize  operational management and customer care with   lots  of easy solutions.   Experts will be trained in giving the timely solutions with tech backup to companies when they face various unspotted   tech problems in operating the IOT platform.   So, Persistent and IBM are much more integrated with comprehensive resolution to provide high quality tech support to engineers. The consultants of both the companies have plans to create software driven market in which IOT service would be given top priority.  IT  experts and professionals in the industry must understand the reason behind the introduction of fast IOT portal to reduce troubles of data maintenance, and   information transformation even in the most critical condition.

Persistent Systems have already employed 1000 trained engineers to join this special training program to provide the quick assistance to trainees/ IT professionals serving in IBM. These talented engineers are now tuned up to operate Blue Mix, Continuous Engineering and Watson Platforms.  The objective of this joint venture must be long lasting with positive impact on employees to utilize IOT more competently. With the running stride of time, it’s expected that the technology will bring in much innovation and upgrade the whole structure even more.


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