The growth of any business is often accompanied by some problems that require additional attention. It’s the job of every responsible business owner to pay attention to these issues, anticipate them, and deal with them to minimize friction in daily operations. This is not as complicated as it sounds if you already understand your field in some depth. If you hire professional help to bridge any gaps, this should allow you to cover all your bases effectively.

Ways to Protecting Your Business

Legal Coverage

Protecting the company against legal issues should be one of your top priorities as its size grows. This will be more and more difficult when you continue to expand your operations in entirely new directions. It will require someone to constantly watch over your shoulder and alert you if you’re potentially about to make a mistake. It can be challenging to stay in touch with all relevant legal frameworks, and in some cases, this can require you to stay glued to your screen on a practically daily basis just to stay safe.

Working with a competent expert who understands the legal implications of your work is mandatory if you want to avoid any issues on that front. At some point, you might even need to hire more than one attorney to guide you through the legal jungle that’s ahead of you. Ensure that you don’t delay establishing your internal legal team when you get to that stage because it will be more difficult to do that on short notice.

International Expansion

That brings us to another important point – operating internationally and expanding into new countries. This comes with many additional precautions, some of which you must take before even starting your operations. You can’t afford to make any mistakes here because they could cost you much more than losing the ability to operate in certain countries. International law can be very complicated and requires specific expertise, so it can be worth bringing additional experts on board if your attorneys aren’t familiar with the subject.


If you provide any service where liability could ever be an issue, you have to protect your company from issues on that front as early as convenient with E&O insurance. E&O insurance is one of the basic prerequisites for companies that fall in this category. However, in some cases, you might need to go beyond the basic packages available on the market and dig more deeply into what’s available. Remember that one mistake in this area can sometimes bring your whole company down, either financially or in terms of reputation.

It would help if you also got in touch with professional consulting services that can help you minimize the risk of needing to use that insurance in the first place. There’s a lot that the average company can do to minimize its liability risk, and some of those changes are easy and cheap to implement. However, in some cases, it boils down to ensuring that everyone in the organization is on the same page concerning how certain operations should be carried out.

Complicated Accounting Situations

Complicated Accounting Situations

Accounting is another area where your business will grow too big to handle on your own at some point. Ideally, you should have an accountant assisting you at every step of the way, starting from the very foundation of your company. But if that’s not the case, then at least consider bringing one on board as early as you can and before you’ve started to make any significant expansions. Accounting is something that becomes exponentially more difficult as the size of the organization grows, and sooner or later, you’re going to find yourself buried in paperwork and compliance issues that just keep piling up.

Even the best accountant on the market will need some time to get acquainted with your finances, so the earlier you bring them in, the better this will play out in the long run. Even if things are calm and don’t call for any professional assistance right now, don’t postpone this. In fact, that’s probably one of the best times to get in touch with an accountant, as there won’t be any pressing issues for them to resolve, and they can take their time familiarizing themselves with your current accounting.

Growing Too Fast

Many of the above issues can be summarized under one general category: growing too fast without any safeguards. Expansion always comes with additional challenges, and you have to put some effort into anticipating and avoiding them. This takes time, and it sometimes requires professional help as well. Of course, you’ll always want to take advantage of opportunities for growth as they appear and ensure that you don’t waste any attractive ones. But you must always think about how your next step is going to impact the overall development of your company and whether you might be about to make a mistake that could cause more problems than it’s worth dealing with at the moment.

Internal Disputes

Internal disputes are another common reason for failing businesses, especially ones that have been allowed to fester for a long time without being addressed by the right people. Every company is going to have issues between its employees at some point, and that’s practically unavoidable. What’s avoidable is allowing those issues to grow into more serious problems than they actually are.

You don’t have to jump on every possible problem as it appears. That will be inefficient, of course. But if you notice that something lingers in the background and it looks like people are waiting for you to step in and say or do something, you should make time for that. Again, knowing your employees well enough can help you in this regard, as you can have a chat with some people around the office and figure out where everyone stands on the most pressing issues.

Unwanted Attention from Competitors

Attention from Competitors

Once your business starts growing, this will inevitably attract attention from competitors. It’s a competitive world, and you can fully expect that some of those competitors will use every trick in the book to try making you fail. It’s important to understand that this will happen whether you agree with it or not, and the best thing you can do is protect yourself against such attacks to the best of your abilities. Know where the main weaknesses of your company are and put some effort into addressing them before growing to a size that will start to attract more attention. This is another example of something that can benefit from external assistance, as you will often be unable to see the full scope of those problems.


Many of the problems that you’ll face along the way can be avoided by simply planning ahead better and knowing what you can anticipate after making your next few steps. Sometimes this requires professional assistance from someone experienced with the market. In other cases, it’s mostly a matter of common sense and a deeper understanding of your market. Using your free time to study your field on the side will definitely help you avoid many of these problems and avoid expensive mistakes.

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