For anyone who is seriously interested in virtual reality, Vive Pro is one of the biggest temptations that came out on the market lately. It may not necessarily look like it, but this headset is a huge breakthrough in the VR experience and has clearly surpassed its competitors. Some even call it one of the greatest inventions of 2019. So how far did HTC push the limits with Vive Pro?

The VR Rockstar of the Moment

Vive Pro was developed for professional use mostly, so it’s no wonder it’s pushing the boundaries. It’s the ultimate VR experience with a price to match. That may not be a problem for companies that use it professionally, but for the average user, it can be out of reach. That doesn’t mean we cannot dream about it, though. Vive Pro is what comes from an awesome combination of hardware and software and the result is even better than we had imagined.

Major Improvements

Given that the headset is basically the younger and more pumped up brother of the original Vive, all comparisons must start from there. So which are the major differences in the Vive Vs Vive Pro challenge? Well, to start with, Vive Pro comes with a higher resolution and an extra camera and proximity sensor. Combined with integrated headphones and dual microphone, they bring the virtual experience to the next level. Vive had pretty great tracking capabilities itself, but Vive Pro went even further adding more sensors. The good news is most Vive Pro Accessories work on the classic Vive too, so you can upgrade your experience a bit even without spending a fortune.

The Controllers

Controllers are essential for a great VR experience. Your basic package has the simple wand-looking controllers, with the touchpad and the buttons, so all you really need for gaming. However, if you buy the index package, you also get the more advanced ‘knuckles’ motion controllers. These are also compatible with the Vive so you can just buy them separately.

Is the Difference Real or Just on Paper?

At first glance over the specs, you may have the impression the difference isn’t that big. Basically, it’s all about the resolution, so is it worth it? Of course, it is, virtual reality is all about creating a flawless scenario, image and sound included. And the new resolution that may not seem that impressive on paper is the difference between a good image and crystal clear, crisp image that completely pulls you in. Besides, Vive Pro has such improved audio that you can literally forget about the world around you and fully immerse into the virtual world. It only takes one session for any reluctant users to convince themselves of its value.

The Verdict

Is HTC pushing the boundaries with Vive Pro? Absolutely! But, just as its name suggests it, this headset is not meant for everyday use in gaming. Of course, you can use it that way and you will definitely have the time of your life with it, but its price is too high to be worth it. On the other hand, if we consider all the other fields and industries that use virtual reality for really serious and important things, Vive Pro is a welcomed improvement. Price is less of an issue in this case and this amazing headset can actually help push the boundaries in other domains as well.

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