Experts predict that the remote control toy car market will reach a value of USD 516.18 million by the end of 2027. This hobby has been delighting enthusiasts for generations, and you can get in on the excitement too.

This RC beginners guide will get you started learning about the different types of vehicles, which RC cars are for you, and much more. Get ready to dive into the exciting world of RC vehicles.

RC Cars

The first thing you should ask yourself is where you plan to run your RC vehicle. RC cars and trucks are the most popular types of vehicles, but there are many variations.

Street RC cars, for instance, run best on pavement and roads. This surface provides the least amount of resistance, meaning you have a lot of flexibility.

Drift cars are RC vehicles that do best on a controlled course, and mastering the smooth art of the turn can be a lot of fun as long as you have the right type of car.

RC Trucks

RC Trucks

RC trucks can be broken down into three categories: short-course, monster, and stadium trucks.

Trucks make one of the best types of vehicles for remote control enthusiasts because they can tackle jumps, stunts, and rougher terrain.

Stadium trucks are off-road RC vehicles that have either four-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. They have truck bodies but an open-wheeled design. The wheels are usually larger for better stability and handling and mastering stadium tracks.

Short-course trucks are modeled after the trucks used in stadium racing, and they make great choices for both racing and bashing. If you’re interested in getting into racing RC vehicles, you might want to look into short-course or stadium trucks.

Monster trucks are another common type of RC vehicle you’ll see on the market. Monster trucks are also a common favorite due to their cool design and the way they handle. They can handle dirt, gravel, sand, grass, and pretty much any other surface.

Are you thinking about buying some cool RC trucks? You can’t go wrong with a monster truck. They are great for bashing, which is a term for running your vehicles on everything except the track.

Buggies and Truggies

Buggies and Truggies

Buggies and truggies are hybrids designed for rough terrain and off-roading. The great thing about buggies is that they have a built-in roll cage, so you can drive faster, and you won’t have to stop as often if you flip your car.

Buggies are great for sand, dirt, and gravel.

Rock Crawlers

RC rock crawlers can pull off amazing tricks. They’re smaller in size than RC monster trucks, but they have similar power and suspension. Rock crawlers can take on any terrain, even rough ground.

These types of RC vehicles are built with sturdy materials such as aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber.

RC Beginners Guide: What Are the Best Types of Vehicles?

Ultimately, the best types of vehicles for an RC beginner depend on how you want to get into the hobby. If you only want to drive your car around the backyard or on rough terrain, you might want to get an RC monster truck. If you want to get into racing on a track, you should invest in an RC street car.

Rock Crawlers

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