Cargo trackers are small, affordable, and totally innovative technologies that allow supply chain managers, logistics firms, manufacturers, and more to monitor materials, parts, or products in transit. These real-time supply chain visibility devices use GPS and a variety of other sensors to track a wide variety of data points specific to the cargo’s needs. Best of all, you get the information conveniently sent to your device. That means everyone with a stake in the success of transported goods knows exactly what is going on with it every step of the way.

Why Real Time Supply Chain Visibility Matters

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Lack of oversight seriously harms every stage of the supply chain. Shipments travel across countries and around the world on a variety of transportation options from trucks to planes to massive cargo ships. Each container, pallet, or pack changes hands multiple times, which increases the risk of damage, theft, or other issues. Real time supply chain visibility using onboard data-collection IoT devices makes all the difference.

With real-time supply chain cargo trackers, businesses can have complete visibility over their entire supply chain process. This means they can identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies quickly and take corrective actions before they impact the delivery of goods or customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the continuous data provided by these trackers allows for better decision making regarding inventory management, route optimization, and resource allocation.

Overall, real-time supply chain cargo trackers provide significant benefits for businesses looking to streamline their operations and improve customer satisfaction. Modern companies understand the power of collected and properly analyzed data. Every GPS ping, temperature reading, and shock alert makes it easier to manage cargo transport and condition throughout its journey.

Track GPS and More with Asset Tracking in Real Time

Track GPS

Supply chain tracking devices have revolutionized the way businesses manage their supply chains. These devices use GPS technology to track the location of goods throughout the supply chain process. This not only helps companies keep a close eye on their inventory, but also allows them to optimize routes and minimize transportation costs.

In addition to GPS tracking, many supply chain tracking devices also monitor other important factors such as temperature, humidity, light exposure, and impact. Temperature monitoring is especially critical for products that are sensitive to heat or cold. Cold chain items like produce, frozen foods, medications, and some electronic equipment need this type of oversight. Humidity monitoring is important for products that can be damaged by moisture. Tracking light exposure helps reduce degradation and notifies people of potential open door security risks. Finally, impact monitoring can detect any mishandling of goods during transportation.

How Does Supply Chain Visibility Improve Operations?

Supply chain visibility is the process of obtaining accurate and real-time information regarding the movement of goods and services from one point to another. This involves tracking inventory levels, monitoring transportation routes, and gauging supplier performance. While some of this involves in-house databases and automated systems, a lot of it depends on using GPS trackers with data collection sensors. With the gathered information on hand, organizations can make informed decisions that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Improved inventory management – Know where your goods are at all times. Know how many are in each stage of the supply chain, and when they will reach their destination. This can help you streamline production, integrate more successfully with the manufacturer, and satisfy customers more fully. If something happens to a container of products, you can increase production and recover if you have real time notification.

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Enhanced security – Shock, light exposure, and GPS all help you know exactly what is going on with your cargo. If the container door opens or if it ends up somewhere it is not supposed to be, you will know immediately with real-time supply chain visibility tracking solutions. You can act quickly to correct the issue before it gets worse.

Increased efficiency – Everything works more smoothly when you have the data that allows you to make smart decisions for company operations. Identify potential issues before they repeat. Create alternate options to overcome delays without affecting final delivery. This allows you to constantly improve processes and pathways over time.

Faster responses to critical problems – Unfortunately, the supply chain involves considerable risk that can get in the way of products arriving at their intended destination on time. If you do not know about a lost or damaged container or cargo that reached unsafe temperatures or humidity levels, you cannot fix the problem quickly. Imagine the impact on business operations of only learning of these problems from buyer complaints. Real time supply chain visibility makes it possible to act right away if any issues arise.

Boost customer relations – No matter where the products go during the supply chain process, the most important thing is where they end up. The customer who ultimately buys your goods expects complete satisfaction when it comes to time constraints, costs, quality, and reliability. Supply chain tracking provides all those things and more.

The Right Solutions for All Tracking Problems

Eelink supply chain management solutions offer all the benefits of real-time cargo visibility. The IoT devices offered collect many different types of data specific to your needs and interests. Custom solutions are available for unique situations or cargo types. The problem of real-time tracking no longer exists when you choose the right solutions from a trusted brand.

Expectations for supply chain tracking and transparency continue to grow. In order to satisfy the needs and interests of customers, manufacturers, logistics firms, transportation companies, importers, and wholesalers need to provide wanted data quickly and accurately. This also allows for careful monitoring and swift improvements whenever needed. Improve efficiency, lower costs, and get more materials, parts, and products to their end destination on time, in great shape, and with the utmost security. Modern business success requires supply chain visibility from start to finish.

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