A 2016 study by John Hopkins Medicine reported that medical errors were the third leading cause of deaths in the USA. As of 2018, the annual deaths attributable to medical errors ranged between 250,000 to 440,000 people. The discrepancy in the figures could be because the concerned parties don’t report deaths resulting from human or system failure.

Medical negligence is an area of concern and can happen to anyone. You may, therefore, find that you need the services of a medical malpractice lawyer. Read on below for more details on why you may need one below.

Signs You Need a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

A hospital is supposed to be a safe place for a sick person to get treatment. There are, however, cases where something could go wrong. Some of the times, it could be attributable to human error mostly due to negligence or recklessness. It could result in injury, emotional trauma or even fatality.

You will need to engage the services of a medical negligence lawyer in the unfortunate event that the following occur.

1. Incorrect Surgery

There is no 100% guarantee that surgery will go well. In some cases, however, medical practitioners may be to blame if it goes wrong. These could include unsafe surgical practices, leaving medical supplies in the body, wrong surgery, among others. Talk to malpractice lawyers, and see if you have a case.

2. Wrong Prescription of Medication

With up to 100,000 cases of emergency hospitalization due to wrong medication, you need to be especially watchful. The situation is especially dire in individuals above the age of 65. If the doctor gives you the wrong dosage or the wrong drug, you could find a malpractice lawyer who will be able to argue your case if you decide to sue.

3. Leaking of Important Information

A medical practitioner should not give out confidential medical information to anyone without the consent of the patient. If you find that this has happened, you have the option to sue.

4. Wrongful Death

In the situation that improper medical advice led to the death of someone you love, good medical malpractice attorneys can institute a wrongful-death lawsuit for you. The onus will be on you to prove that there was a level of medical negligence.

5. Negligence in Prenatal Care

Your child may get an injury during the delivery or prenatal stage. Consult a lawyer and see if you have a case.

How to Find a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

You would never want anyone in your family to become a part of the statistics. It’s, therefore important that you pay attention to any signs of negligence when a loved one is receiving medical care. Getting the best malpractice lawyer is important if you hope to win the case.

You can do this by:-

• Asking for referrals from family, friends, other attorneys, or your insurance company
• Using online resources like legal websites
• Contacting the State Bar Association

You Have a Right to Proper Medical Care

A medical malpractice lawyer will defend you if you feel that an injury or death was as a result of recklessness by medical professionals. You want to work with someone who understands the legal process and has a good track record. Contact us for more information on how to defend your right to get proper medical care.

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