With more than 150,000 organizations onboard using Salesforce, the company has taken over 19.7% of the market when it comes to CRM. As Salesforce’s influence grows, so does the number of companies that are unable to adopt such systems. However, with proper guidance and Salesforce training, any organization can easily adopt these CRM solutions and provide a 360-degree customer journey to their consumers.

But why is Salesforce so important? More importantly, what is the hype all about? Let’s explore some of the benefits the CRM solution offers that have attracted the attention of some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies.

How Is Salesforce Better Than The Alternatives

How is Salesforce better than the alternatives

No Need For Hardware

Unlike the traditional method of building apps that included buying hardware, installing software, setting up reporting and analysis, and more, Salesforce takes an easier approach. The solution is the quickest way to develop an app from just an idea. With Salesforce, you don’t need to buy or build the infrastructure and tools associated with building an app. Organizations can simply build apps using Salesforce tools, helping save a lot of time and millions of dollars.

Easy To Deploy

Salesforce is a step above traditional CRM solutions, which can take over a year to deploy at a company. Salesforce is fast and can be implemented within just a matter of months, or even weeks.

Extremely User-Friendly

Salesforce is much easier than the alternate CRM solutions on the market. You don’t need to spend time figuring out how to use the system because it is very user-friendly. Users can divert that time towards actually using Salesforce and reaping the benefits it provides.

Unlike other solutions, Salesforce is very effective as it can be customized to the tiniest of details. Curate the perfect software for your business by altering Salesforce according to your business needs.

Access To Business From Anywhere

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Since Salesforce is in the cloud, there is no need for hardware or software installation. Users can simply log onto the server and start accessing the organization’s data remotely. This is a great way to save costs on having an IT team and also provides flexibility to business owners and employees to conduct work anywhere with an active internet connection.

Sometimes organizations are afraid of implementing a solution as they fear growing out of it and needing a newer solution as their business expands. However, such fears can be kept at bay with Salesforce as it is easily scalable to a business’s growth.

Support For Third-Party Apps

An employee or business owner, at one time, uses several different products to conduct and operate business activities. Adding another solution to the mix can feel overburdening for many, or they simply might lose motivation to learn another solution. However, with Salesforce, there is none of that. The easy-to-use CRM solution can integrate with third-party apps, allowing users to send and receive emails using Gmail through Salesforce or add accounting software. You can have a one-window solution that will make work easier to manage.


There is often a misconception that implementing Salesforce can be expensive. However, recent reports suggest that startups and new businesses are also starting to use it. This is because Salesforce is actually inexpensive when compared to the variety of things the software is capable of.

Importance Of Salesforce Training

Importance of Salesforce training

Getting proper Salesforce training will help employees utilize Salesforce to the max. Investing in implementing Salesforce and conducting Salesforce training for your employees will save vast financial resources in the future.

Maintains A Company Structure

Salesforce is a great way to maintain a company’s structure, and Salesforce training can help provide that hands-on experience needed to deliver that. The training can equip employees with the skills and tools to take over any sales staff roles and responsibilities in case the person is on leave or leaves the company. With proper Salesforce training, an employee leaving will cause low to zero disruptions to the business activities.

Keep Track Of Teams

As organizations grow, so do the teams. With more managers added to the hierarchy chain, things can get difficult to manage. However, with Salesforce, employees can keep track of each other, record their daily activities, make schedules, and more. This allows a holistic view of the team, and managers can use that to make better decisions and improve the team’s efficiency whenever needed.

With Salesforce training, employees can learn how to use the relevant modules and how to stay connected with other employees within the organization. From order generation to resolving complaints, conducting sales, and more, Salesforce training is a great way to equip employees with the necessary skills needed for an effective CRM implementation.

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