The concept of “Smart Building” has come into the market with the electronics giant Samsung. Samsung uses the technology of loT, which is to improvise the buildings and make them smarter. The company is trying to release Smart Vertical Solution (SVS) system which aims at dreaming up the building by HVAC systems.


What problems Smarter Building can solve? – Samsung’s Perspective.

HVAC and lighting facilities consume about 70% of total power of a building as most of the buildings have centralized HVAC systems. In this situation, Samsung introduces the Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air-conditioning (AC) and SVS which serves to control energy consumption.

Now Samsung is planning to use this VRF and SVS systems in offices, hotels, retail shops, campus buildings and residences. After installation the HVAC system controls the power supply of the buildings and also supervises the energy consumption.

The SVS also works in the coffee shops and fast food centers to control the light and temperature as per the season. And if there comes any problem, the SVS system can identify and cure it automatically.

One of the favored approaches of SVS in hotels is providing the guests to access the HVAC and also controls the door-lock system with the help of the smart TV in the rooms. It helps the hotel’s staff to detect that if the room is empty or not. This process saves energy up to 30%.


Samsung IoT laced smart hotel building

Efforts in making Smart Buildings a Reality

The concept of the smart building is in hand now. Samsung has already collaborated with the global hotels and starts planning to start up the making of smart buildings with SVS system.

Samsung has also arranged some smart facilities to manage to apply the system in large stadiums too. A contract has been already signed with Brussels Eurostadium. According to the contract Samsung has to provide HVAC system based on VRF technology in the matches in UEFA Euro 2020.


Maximizing Synergies within Samsung

The smart HVAC system is an organic system. It’s a flexible structure to connect with the building’s electronics network like TV, Mobiles and computer devices to form an intelligent control system. Being a globally accepted ICT business entity they combine the HVAC solutions with mobile devices, network systems, TVs and digital appliances, and semi-conductors. The company is now trying their best to combine the devices and to gather an acute knowledge for the enlargement of the HVAC systems.

Samsung Internet of Things


Now Samsung also supply TV sets and HVAC solutions to the hospitals, though the main target of the company to make a smart hotel room by SVS. Samsung is one of the biggest sellers of TV so it is easy to use the HVAC system on their smart TVs. One of the employees of Samsung has opened up about the Samsung’s Integrated Facility Controls at MCE (Mostra Convegno Expocomfort) 2016.

Samsung has brought together R&D capabilities of creating intelligent buildings with the help of The Warsaw Spire. Samsung’s project team are also into the project of connecting every building with IoT technology.The Warsaw Spire is going to be the first technology that reveals Samsung’s new platform.

The loT technology changes the conventional HVAC systems which are there for the last several decades, said the Director of Digital Appliances, Brian S. Kim. He also added that to merge the associate projects Samsung will take a leading role to make the building more intelligent with a new and smart program of SVS.


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