It’s because of technology that writers and authors are able to self-publish the books they write. It has become necessary to self publish because your book isn’t always accepted by traditional publishers.

With self-publishing, the author writes a book and then does the publishing part themselves, or with the help of a self-publishing company. 

Self-Publishing offers Financial Rewards

A big advantage of self-publishing is the financial reward, so where do self-publishing companies come into the picture then? Do you need them? The truth is, the self-publishing company doesn’t actually publish the book for you but rather provides important information for you on how to complete the process.

These self-publishing companies aren’t all the same. They don’t all automatically help you publish a high-quality book. Whether you’re publishing fiction, non-fiction or children’s books, the way to becoming an author and having your book published lies in researching which self-publishing companies are worth focusing on.

So Many Advantages 

  • Certainly, you can more or less expect to keep all rights to your book. When your book is published you’re the sole owner of the book and it is copyrighted under your name.
  • With self-publishing companies, with most of them, you keep 100% of royalties. There are some that look for a percentage of your royalties, but that is why it is important to research them. Also with some publishing companies, you actually get coaching from publishing experts and get provided with tips. 

The best self-publishing companies for authors are aggregators, book retailers and those companies that are considered full-suite – including print-on-demand services.  There is far more to just designing, formatting and editing, and it becomes necessary to find the best self-publishing companies to help you with all this. 

For instance with publishing, e-book publishing requires you as the author to be familiar with the interfaces on e-book sites. Manuscript review and copyediting is another service offered by the self-publishing company. An editor will review your book and help you get it ready for sale.  To get it ‘sale-ready’, the self-publishing company gets word out about your book on social media for instance. 

Your Book Looks- and Reads Better

Self-publishing companies provide you with services that you might not be able to do yourself. There are all kinds of services available from these companies with the aim of helping your book read better and also look better. There are many companies around and it becomes imperative to know the best self-publishing companies to work with.

As a self-publisher, you have control over the entire publishing process like choosing your own cover, deciding on price, marketing campaigns and checking your sales.

The self-publishing company that you hire can do so much for you, offering marketing services, coaching, website design and more to ensure that 100% of the book’s profits are yours.

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