SIGFOX entrepreneurial vision is worth appreciating, especially when the three key players (Atlice N.V. SFR and SIGFOX) have locked into a strong bond to launch an internationally standard SIGFOX communication service center with powerful WiFi system to allow customers have a better online exploration, browsing and low-cost data management. These three companies have agreed to assist one another in expanding the SIGFOX networking system and cover the wide area in France as well as other countries in Europe.  This new connectivity solution will be helpful to businessmen and customers as it will enable them to enjoy top-end benefits by using Internet of Things platform.


Altice – Key Partner to Globalize SIGFOX Connectivity to Standardize IoT

Altice is concentrating on the growth of such developed connectivity networking system in the world. It has already formed a group for investigation. It starts working with many international service providers based on mobile, high speed data conversion with media. These companies are located in Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg and America. Atlice is also covering other overseas territories like France, Caribbean, and the Dominican Republic as a part of tracking the performance of the SIGFOX system.

SIGFOX with Extended Network

SIGFOX with the extended network in 14 countries has already optimized over 7 million smart devices with its powerful connectivity.  In near future, there will be more devices which must have such super fast SIGFOX connection.  In this connection, Michel Combes, COO of Altice, chairman and CEO of SFR has predicted that IoT will capture the international market outperforming other communication networking systems.  IoT is the best platform for global entrepreneurs to manage million tons of data and use different software applications freely. Therefore, SIGFOX is expected to be a standard global communication platform for consumers who have to be accustomed to working in IoT ambiance. Michel is confident that B2B entrepreneurs will have new horizons when they showcase their interests to deal with IoT platform.  The online availability of innovative SIGFOX solution is vital to budding entrepreneurs in B2B market.

SFR Will Get Fast SIGFOX Communication System to Develop IoT

SFR in France will be lucky to have a new SIGFOX connection to upgrade its service center. This company is going to launch highly standard 4G mobile telecom service with fast online tech support solution. This company will get an advanced technology to upgrade its conventional networking system including wi-fi and 4G mobile telecom connectivity.  In 2016, this SIGFOX will cover many countries like Portugal and America.  This integrated partnership will bring back more dynamic futuristic product promotion plans to extend the business. The SIGFOX will be used in different non-IT sectors like agriculture, healthcare, transportation and national security industry. For this reason, Altice and other partners have already completed preliminary table work before starting their SIGFOX venture.

The Internet of Things addresses all business sectors and has opened a new space that will help launch many startups. This collaboration will extend this innovative ecosystem and also develop the supply of connected solutions in multiple sectors, such as industry, agriculture, healthcare, transportation and security.


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