SIGFOX is the world leader when it comes to communication services for the Internet of Things (IoT). The company announced the joining of Mr. Roswell Wolffas as president of SIGFOX-APAC.  This french company is on its way to reach the Asian Pacific markets since the new president will handle the operation of Asia-Pacific Region and will also work for the deployment of the SIGFOX’s global network. The deployment period for him is set to be the next three years.


According to Mr. Xavier Drilhon,the Deputy Cheif Executive Officer of SIGFOX, Asia-Pacific expansion would be a major milestone and Wollf would be the perfect person with adequate experience and understanding of the current market conditions who can bring considerable development and benefits for the company. The SIGFOX network, including the operators, suppliers and users are expected to be benefited by this approach. He also marked that, since its inception the company has been working to build the wide covering Internet of Things network.

Roswell Wolff is a dynamic executive with more than 25 years of experience in the field of software and integration, digital communications, Machine to Machine Communication and internet of things as well. He has been credited for the incredible growth of his earlier companies in Europe and Asia. Strategy creation and development of business has been prime objective for him and his contribution in SIGFOX will be remarkable. Roswell Wolf was also the   president of Oberthur Technologies which is a telecom company operating in different sectors. In Oberthur Technologies, he was given charge to handle the Asia-Pacific operations, so he already has clear understanding of Asia-Pacific Markets. Before that, he was also the senior president of global accounts with Atos and has working experience for more than 12 years with Convergys and Verizon.

As a President of SIGFOX’s Asia Pacific region, Wolff will work to expand the internet of things network for the company and will also handle all sales operations and channels in Asia-Pacific. Roswell Wolff is a graduate, from the University of Pennsylvania, in international business and Russian studies.

On the announcement, Mr. Rosewell Wolff said “IDC has identified Asia-Pacific as the ‘frontline’ for the Internet of Things and SIGFOX’s dedicated IoT network with rapid rollout and international connectivity will accelerate use of the IoT in that region,”. He also marked that all safety and security devices, tracking devices and utility devices will need high connections and network and SIGFOX comes as the only solution to fulfill the requirements.

Sigfox is a renowned company to offer wireless networks catering of all low energy objects. SIGFOX is the first, largest and the only company to offer  global cellular connectivity for the Internet of Things and means for the deployment. As of now, the company provides devices and signalling to more than 5 million apartments and is on a mission to build an ultra narraowband data network in U.S. The Sigfox IoT has its coverage globally including major markets of Germany, France, Ireland, Coloumbia, U.S., U.K. and many more. Lets hope to hear some more good news about their new expansion.

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