When using any furniture product, in particular, sliding doors, the moving mechanisms wear out over time, it may be necessary to replace the damaged cloth, rollers, buffer brush, stopper, etc. If you looking for a reliable repair service it will be solved quickly and professionally.

But there are some tips for the elimination of defects in this article which refer only to the bottom-supported doors with the guide on the floor with the support of the bottom roller.

A frequent problem is the blockage in the rails, which makes it difficult for the compartment door to move around. The solution to the problem is simply to clean the bottom guide grooves. The lower rails need to be checked from time to time, and the accumulation of dust and dirt needs to be removed. Otherwise, the rollers will wear out quickly due to constant friction and need to be replaced.

Often the roller will fall out of the lower guide rail. Not all sliding systems are equipped with special locks to prevent the door from falling off the bottom track. Usually falling out occurs when a door is pulled sharply, especially you should be careful with narrow and high doors – they are not very stable, in contrast to the wide ones.

The solution to the problem is very simple – it is necessary to lift the door slightly (the upper guide always has a gap under the roof of the cabinet in a few mm) and insert its wheel exactly into the groove.

If there is a lock in the lower mechanism that prevents the door from falling out from the lower guide rail, it must be opened beforehand. There are several varieties of locks: some can be opened by clicking and others by turning around their axis.

If the door is not equipped with stoppers, it may be difficult to reinstall the compartment door on the lower guide rail. The fact is that the lower rollers are equipped with a spring mechanism and when the door is raised, the roller is pressed into the guide rail. This procedure is more convenient for two people: one person lifts the door and the other person squeezes the spring supporting the roller and helps to insert them into the grooves.

Another reason why the sliding door is not working properly is that the roller is worn or broken. And here you can cope on your own. Buy a roller from the same company and replace it. As a rule, in any shop on furniture accessories rollers of the basic sliding systems are on sale.

If you have an aluminum door system, the roller is removed very simply. As a rule, there are 2 holes at the end of the door at 5 cm from the floor, which are often closed with a buffer tape (dust-proof cover). In the upper hole, there is a screw for fixing the horizontal and vertical door profiles – this is not necessary for us if you are not going to disassemble the door frame itself. And in the bottom hole, there is the right screw to remove and adjust the wheel. Usually, a hexagon screw is used for this purpose.

In steel systems it is more difficult to remove the roller as the mechanism of the roller has a double function: in addition to the direct purpose, it simultaneously fastens the profiles of the doors with each other. When removing the roller, be careful not to separate the profiles.

The steel doors of the compartment are one-sided, the reverse side is fully visible, and it will not be difficult to guess how to remove and replace the mechanism.

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