There are many ways to market, but you want your strategy to be unique and epic.

However, switching it up requires your business to come up with even more innovative marketing ideas.

But don’t worry! Here are 5 creative marketing ideas you can use to help boost client awareness: 

1. Share Positive Posts

Wouldn’t it be cool if your post was liked or shared by someone you look up to? Chances are, your company has some enthusiastic fans eagerly awaiting to see what’s new. 

If their blog or social media is filled with positive posts with info related to your niche, make their day by liking and sharing these posts. This can help your brand spread more positive connections among its target market.

2. Host a Giveaway or Contest

Giveaways and contests are both awesome and innovative promotional ideas. It’s very easy to send out promotions through a mass SMS platform.

If your giveaway products are virtual, such as ebooks, they can be a great way to get people to sign up to your email list. 

Additionally, free giveaway or contest products are great ways to advertise and can help customers become more familiar with your brand logo.

3. Have Guest Posts

Consider accepting posts from your blog followers, enthusiastic fans, visitors, etc. This will help your site gain a more diverse and interesting range of content, attracting more of your target market. 

These posts can also be a way to up your posting frequency, bringing even more traffic to your site and leading to a larger number of leads.

4. Upgrade Your Website

A website upgrade is one of the most creative marketing ideas because you can fill your site with new features.

Don’t get carried away and change too much to where it becomes unrecognizable. However, simple fixes like increasing load speed or making the font more easily readable can make a big difference in your bounce rate.

Also, consider getting feedback to help you find the things that need to be fixed.

(And if you code your own website, check out this tutorial to help you add a company logo!)

5. Expand Globally or Invest Locally

Expanding globally is one of the most innovative promotional ideas because you will have more room to market, making your target audience even larger in numbers.  

And if you’re already getting good business from within your community, going worldwide can be great for boosting business even more. 

However, there are drawbacks to global marketing ideas. To maximize your potential, you need to have accurate translations for ads, good localization, and deal with international shipping costs.

And all these things can take away from your cash flow, making global marketing ideas most ideal for products that are either lightweight or online. 

If your products are heavy and not easily shipped, instead consider other marketing ideas that focus more on your local community and niche.

Final Thoughts on Creative Marketing Ideas

There are many creative marketing ideas to choose from and by putting them into action, you can help boost client awareness and make your business thrive!

Looking for more insight? Feel free to explore the rest of this blog for more business advice!

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