A photo book is a collection of your most precious photos under one cover. Creating one can be easy and fun when you understand the “why” of creating one. At Mixbook Photo Co., creating a photo book is made easier through available professional templates that you can choose from and letting the experts do the heavy work for you.

It is always a wonderful feeling when sharing the good times we’ve had with our loved ones on different occasions. However, even that which happens today will one day become history, and you may never experience such again. Photobooks offer a simple way to carry your special moments with you into the future. For this and other significant reasons, you should have a photo book. Other reasons include:

A Photobook offers more real emotions and puts the feelings in your hands compared to the digital alternatives. In this digital era, capturing your best moments on your smartphone may pile up your social status but not go beyond that. It might not come out as real.

In your hustles and daily havocs, a photo book acts like your forever buddy. It can make you relax and smile through the stunning and incredible moments which are easy to access.

For a more-permanent keepsake, you should have a photobook. It enables you to collect your favorite moments in one place that is not easily damaged or erased. Some files and folders in your digital storage can be affected or lost easily if the device has problems. Put your moments in a photo book and worry no more about their safety.

Comparing a photo book to a photo album, you should opt for the book because of the following reasons:

Photos are printed directly on the paper of your choice, unlike in a photo album where images are printed through an industry-standard just like a traditional photo print. This allows you to choose the best paper quality, including semi-gloss, linen, matte, or pearl.

When it comes to the number of pages, a book can include more pages of up to 140 compared to 100 pages for an album. This is because the photobook has no substrate, while a photo album can be printed on thin or thick pages. Note that, if thick pages are used for an album, the album builder can only include 50 pages. This leaves a book the better option as it can capture more memories compared to the album.

You may prefer to have a more lightweight and thinner book than a substantial and heavier album when comparing the finished products. For this reason, books can take less room when stored and be less tedious when using.

Besides other factors, the cost is an important consideration that should guide you to opt for a book rather than an album. This is because a photo book is relatively cheap compared to an album. The price range can be $26 for a book and $79 for an album.

Finally, there is no better way to treasure your lovely memories of unique and incredible moments with your loved ones than a photo book. The book can be bought, professionally bound, and be printed on premium quality papers at Mixbook. Get a photo book; carry your good old days into your future with you easily.

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