There is no stopping the advances of technology. Whether you are embracing tech or are worried about the ways it’s making us less human, one place you can really see the evolution of technology is in cars. Automobiles are becoming robotic computers. They are becoming something entirely new. The “smart car” will change the way we get around, influencing our lives in many ways. Between self-driving, electric power, and advanced safety systems, cars are getting safer, and the roads are getting more efficient. Below are some ways that smart car technology helps us.

Driving People Around

person driving a car

The combination of vehicle connection to the internet, GPS, and image capture technology has made autopilot systems much better. These technologies used in tandem create self-driving vehicles that can keep speed, stay in a lane, switch lanes, and stop when the car is getting too close to other vehicles and objects on the road. It will change the insurance industry in many ways. There are varying degrees of self-driving vehicles, but one thing is for sure. One day soon every new car will come with the ability to drive itself. Some people are hesitant of this, but cars will get safer—not more dangerous.

Keep Us Safe

Not only are self-driving cars capable of stopping the car without a human, but new car technologies are also keeping humans safe in other ways. For example, augmented reality (AR) is being used in the safety tests. This allows car companies to push the limits of their engineering because no one is inside the vehicle. With remotely controlled driving capabilities, car manufacturers are making safer vehicles than ever.

Another way carmakers are doing that is by installing advanced driver assistance systems. These systems can recognize when the driver is drowsy or drunk. They can alert them when they’re drifting into another lane or getting too close to another car. All these technologies are being used in tandem to build safe vehicles and optimize the way that we get around in them.

Avoid Gas Prices

person putting gas in a car

Of course, electric vehicles have become more common. They are cheaper than they used to be. The Tesla charger and other electric chargers are becoming more common. They are being installed along the highways, in shopping centers, and in rest stops. While charging stations aren’t as widely available as they could be, the ability to avoid gas entirely has become easier. Soon, electric cars will be even cheaper, and their chargers will be more available. For a lot of electric car users, getting around town and commuting to and from work isn’t a problem. Longer drives will get easier and more common with electric vehicles.

Avoid Dings & Accidents

car accident

Most modern vehicles come with video cameras and image capture technology. For example, there will be a screen displaying a rearview camera. The rearview mirror might even come with a camera set-up. Image capture technology provides a view of the cars around you and will alert you when you are getting too close or if they’re getting too close to you. This car technology helps people avoid dings and other small accidents when parking and on the roads.

Another way that modern car technology is helping avoid accidents is with automatic emergency braking. This technology stops the car when it is getting too close to others. There is also regenerative braking, which begins slowing the car down as soon as the driver lets off the gas. Between the image capture, video capabilities, and advanced braking, new cars are helping us avoid accidents and dings on our vehicles.

End Note

Technology is advancing all the time. It is evolving endlessly and offering both solutions to new problems. Progress is not a straight line, but there is no stopping the future. The more that we work on our society, the more efficient it will become. Technology will help us do that in many ways.

When you’re trying to see the evidence of technological advancements, look no further than the automotive industry. Most of the advancing tech in the world can be found in our cars. Not only is smart car technology making the roads safer and more efficient, it is improving our driving experience and overall lives in many different ways.

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