Traveling is one of the sweetest parts of life.  When you travel you experience so many things both expected and not.  You learn about different cultures and taste different foods.  You meet amazing people from all over the world by accident almost every day.  Traveling makes you grow as a human and it feeds your soul. Even bad adventures.  Once you get out of them alive you look back and cherish them.
Here are some travel tips to make sure you get the most out of your travels around the world.  

Be Open

The number one thing you should do when you are traveling is to be open.  Be open to people, to food, to music, to different ways of thinking, to different ways of life.  Just be open. Doing this simple little thing will make a huge difference for you and your journey.  

Be Astonished

Sometimes when people travel so much they get bored with some of the most amazing things, because they’ve seen so much beauty it can become normal.  This is not a good thing. You always want to allow yourself to be astonished when traveling.  Each place and each experience is different.  If you become bored with it you’ll miss out on so many amazing things and scenes.

Take the Road Less Traveled

Yes, this is a cliche’.  However, it’s one that is actually worthwhile to put into practice.  So many times we take the easy tour or the trip with no surprises. These are well and good but the real juice is when you go out on a limb.  That’s when you really feel the rush of the unknown, the sound of the world calling out to you and you begging for more.

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