Sustainable living is a type of lifestyle which tries to reduce a person or society’s use of Earth’s natural and personal resources.  People who practice sustainable living try to reduce their carbon footprint by changing transportation methods, lowering their consumption of energy, and by way of their diet.


Live as a minimalist is a great way you can live green.  You can do this by ensuring that everything you use or own is put to its maximum use.  This includes using waste materials as well. Also, you should make sure the items you purchase are from sustainable resources.

Turn Out the Lights the Party’s Over

Making sure you don’t leave the lights on unnecessarily is a good thing you can do to be sustainable.  Simply get in the habit of always turning them off when you leave the room, even if only for a minute or two.  You can also install energy efficient light bulbs throughout your house.

Zero Energy Balance

Having a zero energy balance means that whatever you take in you put back out into the world.  Doing this can really make a positive impact on the earth and once you get the hang of it you’ll feel like it’s very easy to maintain.  

Use The Sun

Utilizing the sun’s light in your home is very important.  Whenever you possibly can use natural lighting to help save energy.

No Junk Mail

Make sure you stop all of your junk mail.  You can help do this by visiting  On this site, you can opt out of junk mail sent by catalogs, magazines, phone books, credit card companies, and more.  

Living green and sustainably are great things you can do for our environment.  We only have one planet and we should cherish it.

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