Being a new computing concept, the Internet of Things has the ability to define future, in which the physical objects will be linked to the World Wide Web. These objects can detect themselves to other networks or devices connected. It acts as a method of communication, which might also include other wireless technologies, sensor technologies or QR codes. There are lots of startups on Internet of things, which run many applications that are promising and helpful, making a profitable investment for them. When you see the innovation from Internet of Things, however, they might come from small entrepreneurs and companies.

It is true that a startup has more power and the ability to create new concepts; however, the right needs need to come up. Let us discuss some startups which have success in the Internet of Things:

Innovative Home Automation Startups On Internet of Things

1. Iotera – Track all the objects through your smartphone

Innovative Startups On Internet of Things
IOTERA Official Logo

Every company has some goals and focus to achieve. This company has a tracking technology as its main focus. There is a system being developed by the company, which takes on the GPS sensors. This system uses these sensors that are embedded within objects so that one can track them over mobile and smartphone devices. This system does not need any commercial wireless network to track objects. This system has many uses. Other companies might use this system for different purposes.

2. Ducere Technologies – IoT In Foot wear

Innovative Internet of Things Startups
Ducere Technologies

Wearable technology is the major topic for discussion these days. This company is seeking to use this powerful technology along with IoT as they want to make the lives of people much easier than now. Lechal is the first touch-based interactive footwear, which is claimed to develop with them. It is a device that functions as an insole that lies in a shoe or other types of footwear. It generates the vibrations, which directs the wearer to find the exact path to go.

3. Ninja Blocks – Connect all your devices to Ninja Blocks

Most Innovative Internet of Things Startups
Ninja Blocks

Being a startup company located outside of Australia, the company had already achieved success with its Internet of things device, namely Ninja Block. It is a powerful device that can connect the internet to real world actions. It has built-in sensors. These sensors can be used by users to program this device for many functions, making their lives easier and quicker. The company has earned a million dollars, and now, looking for further profits in the future.

4. SmartThings  – Control Your Home Through This App

Top 5 Innovative Startups List

This company specializes in smart objects. The center attraction for this company would be the home, where users can do many things related to normal home activities. The company wants to work on the home automation by making it all the activities from a single app. The company also wants others to develop such smart objects to connect them to the app, created by the company. The company has made more than $12 million profit from investors till now.

5. Knut – Smartest Home Automator

Most Innovative Internet of Things Startups list

Knut is one of the best ways to make a connection between the objects and areas within the home. This device has the ability to stick to that connection for a long. It has a Wi-Fi feature to make the users alerted when something mis-happening is going to occur in the home. This device has humidity and temperature sensors that can be fundamental in securing the important items of a person in homes. This device can be placed anywhere in a home.

Hire a brand design agency like ramotion-startup to increase the growth rate of your startup. So, these are some internet of things startup companies which have combined a unique idea with Internet of Things technology. Loved this article? Then show us by sharing this article on social media and connecting with us on our social media pages. You can also subscribe to receive all the awesome stuff on Internet of Things in your e-mail inbox  (available at right side) or connect with other IoT start-up owner and geeks through our online IoT forum.

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