The phrase Internet of Things or IoT can be a little confusing for people who are not aware of its reach and relevance for human kind. Internet of Things is a term used to describe a new- age technology which will correlate your daily use electronic devices with wireless sensors, connectivity peripheral as well as high- end software. This further helps in enabling the exchange of data over any network without the use of any human to machine as well as human to human interactions. In simple words, we can say that Internet of Things enables two devices to communicate with each other without any third- party intervention.

Internet Of Things and Wearable Gadgets
Internet of Things and Wearable Gadgets

Having a closer look at the functionality of IoT makes it clear that this new- age technology will create a unique identity for each object which will be integrated with a computer system. Now all other objects as well as systems which are connected with the same internet infrastructure will be able to communicate as well as transmit information without the help of any third- party intervention.

One of the most sought- after example of Internet of Things is the wearable gadgets which have already started to thrive the market at large. Wearable gadgets are the latest technological wonder to hit the market and by far, the buzz created by Apply Watch is the best example of how anticipated the human race is regarding the idea of technology that we will be able to wear around. Apart from the Apple Watch, there are several wearable gadgets which are undoubtedly the products of Internet of Things technology. Some of these can be the Video Glass, Smart Watches as well as Bracelets capable of managing our health, etc.

So without much delay, let us take a look at the top 7 Internet of Things Wearable Gadgets.

Top 7 Internet of Things Wearable Gadgets

1. Apple Watch

Given to the reputation of the Apple brand name, we can say that Apple Watch is the most anticipated wearable gadget as well as by far the most popular example of Internet of Things in this list. Among the companies that are known for offering Internet of Things to its customer base, Apple is the most prominent one. For all iOS powered devices, Apple Watch acts as a hub. This means that it is possible to develop wireless communication among all iOS devices with the Apple Watch. The slim and stylish design of Apple Watch provides all users with an enhanced experience.

Apple Watch - Wearable Gadget
Apple Watch – Wearable Gadget

2. Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt

Now that we are very well aware of the reach and dynamics of IoT technology, it will not be wrong to say that industries such as automotive and robotics are not the only ones to get products powered by this new technology. In fact, the world of clothing has also gained from IoT and the Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt is the perfect example of this. Designed especially for athletes, this Tech Shirt is capable of sensing an athlete’s heart rate, intensity of movement and energy output in order to enhance their performance. Now who would not love a complete body fitness tracker!!

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt
Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt

3. Google’s conception of IoT products

It is no surprise that this ace search engine is nowhere behind other manufacturers of IoT powered wearable gadgets. Google Glass is one among the many wearable intelligence gadgets created by Google. Dropcam from Google is yet another gadget which uses IoT intelligence and gives us a chance to interact as well as take care of our loved ones while we are away from them.

Google Glass - Wearable Gadget
Google Glass – Wearable Gadget

4. Hue Smart Bulbs from Philips

We all are aware of moon lighting our smart phones as per our convenience but what about adjusting the brightness of a bulb in your living room? Built with IoT technology, Philips has put forward Hue Smart Bulbs and what makes this product desirable is the fact that it follows your command and adjusts the brightness with just a single tap. A cool way of enlightening our lives right??

Hue Smart Bulbs from Philips
Hue Smart Bulbs from Philips

5. Donor Cable from Nar Mobile

The human race has so far been charging cell phones using a charger or a USB cable. How about charging your smart phone with your very own energy?? Yes, Nar Mobile has brought a life- changing wearable gadget which is a bracelet known as the Donor Cable which will use your body’s energy for charging your smart phone. Yet another soul- stirring invention of IoT!!

Donor Cable from Nar Mobile
Donor Cable from Nar Mobile

6. Tesla Autopilot

Not exactly an example of wearable gadget from IoT but this certainly is a gadget which when attached in your car, will notify you about the time for repair, maintenance and also automatically arranges for a valet to pick up your car from your home. What else do we need!!

Tesla Autopilot
Tesla Autopilot

7. Adhere Tech Smart Wireless Pill Bottles

This smart wireless pill bottle is connected to a database system into which all your health related information will be transferred automatically in real time. Not only this, these smart bottles also get connected with all health care needs of the patient, such as his treatment, time for next dose, next appointment, etc. Apart from this, there are various other IoT powered health care devices out there but this one made to the list as it is a Wearable Gadget!

Adhere Tech Smart Wireless Pill Bottles
Adhere Tech Smart Wireless Pill Bottles

Needless to say, Internet of Things technology is here to stay and with time, it will make human life easier.

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