It has been a solid couple of years for Epic Sci-Fi movies considering 2014 and 2015. The movies that have a dystopian charm and urban fantasy about them in 2015 (Depends on how you would consider Jurassic world, Avengers 2) turned out to be the ones with fervidness. The whole concept of the Sci-Fi basically originated from The Lord of Rings, Harry Potter series followed by Twilight, Marvel, and DC Comics. However, recently they got elevated to a new level through radical pictures like Nolan’s Interstellar or Ex Machina. No matter what type of scientific fiction is involved, they are not failing to keep the audience hooked to the seats.

Frankly, it’s not too shocking (at least in my case). Dream and Science-Fiction loan themselves well to the silver screen’s attempt to advance. If you are paying a £10/$20/350INR for a film, you will be expecting a lot of ordeal and thrill in it based on the genre. Anything that puts you in solace after the hectic schedule with a strong plot is preferable. Let me tell you the difference between the Sci-Fi films and the non Sci-Fi films. For example, take Gone Girl. You could watch the movie with equal anticipation and anxiety even by sitting in the home or on Netflix. You don’t need a theater for that. And compare it with the experience of watching Guardians of the Galaxy, you will know that I’m talking about the hypnotizing impacts of the Scientific Fictions. I figure that when something is digitally made and is incomprehensible taking into account comprehension of the physical imperatives blended alongside with advanced innovation, they are upbeat for the amount and interest, the audience is willing to pay.

Anyway, onto the purpose of this article/news piece: this quarter of the year has been filled with various energizing trailers and declarations about release dates. Let me list out top 5 of these upcoming Sci-Fi movies for you.

1. Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice | 2016 

Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice Release Date: March 25th, 2016.

Batman vs Superman - Dawn of Justice | 2016

Dreading the actions of a divine like superhero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own imposing, intense vigilante tackles Metropolis’ most loved, cutting edge friend in need, while the world grapples with what kind of legend it truly needs. With Batman versus Superman against each other, another risk rapidly emerges, placing humanity in more serious peril than it’s ever known some time recently. The plot, the direction, screenplay along with Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck is going to put this film at the top of the best science fiction movies in 2016 list. The Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice is going to  make ultimate box office income in first week only.

2. Independence Day – Resurgence | 2016

Independence Day – Resurgence Release Date: June 24th, 2016

Independence Day - Resurgence | 2016

Admit it. We all knew that they were returning. After INDEPENDENCE DAY re-imagined this film genre, the following epic section conveys worldwide exhibition on an inconceivable scale. Utilizing recouped alien technology, the countries of Earth have grouped on a huge barrier system to protect the planet. Be that as it may, nothing can set us up for the progressed and extraordinary power of the aliens. You must watch this film to know how the earth can be saved from extinction.

3. Deadpool – Sci-Fi Movie | 2016

Deadpool Movie Release Date: February 12th, 2016.

Deadpool - Sci-Fi Movie | 2016

Another Superhero flick among the 2016 Science Fiction movies is Deadpool. Based upon Marvel Comics’ most unpredictable wannabe, DEADPOOL narrates the origin story of previous Special Forces agent turned soldier, Wade Wilson; who subsequent to being subjected to a rebel test that abandons his superpowers and also alter ego of the Deadpool. Furnished with his new capacities and a twisted sarcastic humor, Deadpool chases down the man who almost decimated his life. If you’re a fan of sass, this movie is a must for you. The Red garment and the spider-man like look of Deadpool will give you the superhero charm; however his character is like a fraternal twin of Batman fame Joker decorated with self-obsession and arrogance.

4. Ghostbusters – Science Fiction Movie | 2016

Ghostbusters Release Date: July 15th, 2016

Ghostbusters - Science Fiction Movie | 2016

Sony has selected Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg who are the writer-producers of “The Office” to take a shot at another portion of the 1980s franchise that featured Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson and Dan Aykroyd, as blundering ghost chasing researchers. Ivan Reitman and other original filmmakers along with the cast know about this venture and included in its improvement. “Ghostbusters” was Sony’s top-netting film ever until “Men in Black” and afterward, each of the three “Spiderman” movies smashed everything out. The 1984 film earned $292 million around the world, and its 1989 continuation got another $215 million internationally. Let’s see how much this new experimentation is going to collect!

5. The 5th Wave | 2016

The 5th Wave Release Date: January 22nd, 2016

Epic story line and this is going to be a nightmare for box office competitors.

The 5th Wave | 2016 Sci-Fi Movie

In The 5th Wave, of the present day, consecutive four rushes of progressively destructive assaults have left the greater part of Earth demolished. Against a background of trepidation and doubt, 16-year-old Cassie is on the run, protecting her younger brother along with her. As she gets ready for the unavoidable and deadly fifth wave, Cassie meets a young fellow who might be her trust. For amazing visuals and the brother-sister sentiment, this movie is a must watch!

Now that you know about the top movies and their release dates in 2016 which gives a perfect sense to usage of Internet of Things technology in science fiction or Sci-Fi movies. Mark the releasing dates of these Sci-Fi movies in your calendar. What are you waiting for?

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