Are you a tech savvy who gets orgasmic by using gadgets inscribed with the latest technology? Does it arouse you to analyse heartbeat, sleep patterns, tracking routines with an ease? Do you enjoy flaunting yourself with the latest gadgets that can make you check notifications without even touching them? In the growing technological world, Internet of Things connected wearable smart gadgets have been emerging out as a debonair trend.

Wearable technology is not only versatile and new but is also snazzy when you match them up with the right attitude. Fitness bands, Step monitors, and trackers were the first gadgets that were launched in the market. However, eventually, gigantic companies like Motorola, Sony and even the Carlos Slim of technological companies, Apple started designing wearable gadgets in the name of smartwatches.

Wearable tech along with IoT is getting a good amount of heat in the market. Slowly these type of gadgets are establishing themselves in the market and are dominating the sales chart. We have already seen some marvelous wearables in 2015, but looks like 2016 is going to be a lot more interesting as compared to what we saw in 2015! Here is what all you will see in the IoT and wearable market in 2016!


Topmost Awaited Wearable Tech Gadgets in 2016

Enjoy our list of Upcoming Wearable Tech Gadgets which will be launched in 2016. We have listed them along with their price, specifications and features.


  • FitBit Surge:

The elegant “fitness super watch” is made by blending smart watch technology and tracking of diurnal activities like steps, sleep, fitness, heart rate etc. Through this fitness tracking device, one can maximize the calorie burn, optimize the training and maintain specific heart rate. Surge keeps you in check, a whole day without any clips or straps. When connected to computers and smartphones, your statistics will be displayed in graphs and charts. Not to forget, the connection is really simple due to the wireless technology and thus, you can concentrate on your metabolism with the right guidance.



Virtual Reality is not an ordinary thing. Making something feel like disconcertingly genuine is more than incredible. It’s like you’re there, but not actually there. Be it when you have a sharp butcher knife jabbed into your neck or you murdering someone on the edge, the virtual reality has the ability to make you weak in knees by enabling you to experience each and every emotion and by running a tinge down your spine. Among those, is Sony’s PlayStation VR at the top making you crave for virtual reality.. For a home console, PSVR headset turns the gaming into a next frontier.


  • Huawei Watch:

Juxtaposing Swiss design with smart technology, this timepiece is created in an innovative way to be a part of our lives. It can be connected with any of the Android devices and also works with iPhone. The tracking is done with the help of a motion sensor of your activities like running, walking or climbing.

  • Runtastic Moment Elite

What makes the Runtastic Moment Elite unique is the way it is designed to meet the fashion standards. Attractive outlook, activity tracker are the two explicit features. Oh! Did I forget to mention that it works without charging? The lithium battery of Elite lasts up to six months and can be exchanged thereafter.

  • Jawbone Up 3

A Fitness bad that helps you to understand the status of your health, sleep; Jawbone Up 3 also details you out about your workouts, eating habits, drinking habits, calorie intake and nutrient intake. It helps you in maintaining a healthy eating routine and therefore is essential if you have an abnormal appetite.


Oculus Rift – Virtual Reality (VR) Headset

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Image in HD

Oculus Rift Price is $599 in United States (US)

Oculus Rift VR Headset consumer version was launched launched in march 2016.

If someone ever wants to dive into a game then this is the best thing for them. Oculus is known for two things, making super awesome virtual reality headgear and being owned by Facebook. Oculus Rift is already released for the developers and can be bought for $599. This VR headset gives the user a 180 degree view and even tracks the head movements of the user which acts like a VR simulation. The consumers are going to get it somewhere in the Q2 of 2016.

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ChooseBlocks Smartwatch | Q3 2016 Launch

Chooseblocks Smartwatch 2016 edition


ChooseBlocks Smartwatch Price $ (not known yet)

ChooseBlocks Smartwatch will be launched in September 2016

In the Intel’s Make It Wearable Competition, Blocks were discovered for the first time. This project is based on making modular wearables, similar to the project Ara which aims to make smartphones modular. With modular wearable technology, users would be able to select the components which they want and which they don’t. Although this seems to be a fantasy as of now, it is said that Blocks will hit the shelves in 2016 probably around or in Q3.


Avegant Glyph Virtual Reality Headset | Q2 2016

Avegant Glyph 2016

Avegant Glyph VR headset price is $ (not known yet)

Avegant Glyph VR Headset will be launched in April 2016

This too is a VR headset but this is actually made for the movie buffs. Avegant Glyph comes with a head mounted display which is going to provide an immersive experience to the user. The company even says that Glyph will provide such a realism and clarity that no one has ever witness before in a television.

The great part is that Avegant Glyph won’t come with a display or a screen, instead the images would be projected on your eyes with the help of a low powered LED bulb! Sounds too Sci-Fi right? But this is going to be a reality in 2016!


Apple Watch 2 – Wearable Smartwatch | 2016 Edition

Apple Watch 2016

Apple Watch 2 Price in Umited States is $500 

Apple Watch 2 will be launched in march 2016.

Apple Watch was a good success for the company. It was launched back in September but it looks as if the company is going to launch Apple Watch 2 in the month of March in 2016. As of now people don’t know the specifications or the price of this watch but it is said that it may be priced somewhere around $500 and a cheaper version might be somewhere around $250. Still there are plenty of months for companies like Samsung, Pebble and Moto to catch up with the sales. But the sad part is that even on Christmas, apple fans need to buy the first gen smartwatch.

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Considerations in buying a wearable smart gadget:

The first thing that comes to our brain while purchasing any product is the budget limit. When it comes to wearable gadgets, the price usually starts from a minimum of $30 and can reach the sky like $500 or beyond. Unlike smartphones, these gadgets are functionally different and, therefore, can’t be judged in a generic context. So, before going to purchase a wearable smart gadget make a list of answers to the following questions:

1. How am I going to use this device in my daily life?

2. What features are embedded in it, which I might require?

3. Is my smartphone any less than this device?

4. How many devices am I going to connect this device with?

5. Except for fitness regime, tracking phenomenon, monitoring, what else does it offer?

Once you’re done answering these questions, decide whether this purchase is worth your money and usage.

It looks like 2016 is going to be a really exciting year. There would be so much cool tech which just looks as if it came out of a science fiction movie! I am not able to wait for these wearables! Are you?



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