$22.5 million worth financing agreement has been closed by employees of GoPro, Apple and Google in the case of designing upgraded June cookware countertop cookware accessory. This kitchenware device has been upgraded by experts.

Even Eclipse, one of the former financiers to develop software and hardware of June participated in making the product designing successful. These investors invested huge fund in remodeling  this special cookware device with more innovative tech features.


Everything you should know about Upgraded June Cookware

In this product financing program, few giant investors like First Round Capital and Hippeau Ventures were present to host the product promotional campaign.

upgraded june cookware

June- Smart Countertop Oven with Mini Cam and Processor for Better Cooking/Boiling

June is a digitally upgraded superb kitchenware countertop which costs you around $1500.  The adult size countertop is energy efficient with less power consumption.

It is the best cookware device to a person who doesn’t like cooking food.   It is an automated device for cooking food faster.   This smart countertop device is equipped with a miniature camera and processor to detect the food item for cooking.

It acts unexpectedly faster.  Users don’t need to mix or shake or cook the food manually. This smart electronic device has some smart options with an alert signal for food preparation. It does not require any helping hand. Just press selected switches to find the menu and wait for completely cooked food which will be indeed very tasty.

Food inside the countertop will remain hygienic, qualitative and standard as well.  The rate of power consumption is very low and therefore people will save hard-earned currencies by buying this world-class light weight cookware.

June will be soon available in the market. The shipment of the first batch of June cookware devices will be possibly done in spring. However, due to the some changes in the configuration of the device, the product launching program has delayed.

This kitchenware oven is suitable for trouble-free boiling and fast food cooking.  The hard and resilient body of the oven is durable. The ergonomic oven or smart countertop is also eco-friendly.


New Investors Called to Finance the June Upgrading Process

New investors will be invited to manufacture more new models for smooth supply.  With the new fund collected from investors, June oven will be configured in a much advanced way bringing new technology to remove the previous tech drawbacks.   The company will deliver and ship the best oven to consumers.

Therefore, June manufacturing company is doing extensive workouts and plans how to supply the most energy efficient smart June models at lucrative prices. At another press release, the company’s spokesperson has told reporters that consumers will be refunded if the shipment delays.

Finally, the company will complete June beta testing before launching the product in the market for sale. Interested candidates for conducting Beta testing can fill up the forms online to participate in the important June beta testing campaigns. So, just hold some patience within you, as June Cookware Device is arriving to alter the look of your entire kitchen!

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