Lounea Oly, a telecom company from Finland, is planning to make a big entry into the smart home market segment and take the first move to fuel the project by selecting viva labs for it. Lounea aims to offer Z-wave based solutions or the plug and play solutions for its smart home concept. The company will make use of viva’s AI podium to cater their needs.

Viva Labs is a reputed name in the smart home sector that specializes in offering a SaaS cloud platform to its associate companies so that they can build premium smart homes easily and quickly. Viva, being a start up, has established itself in today’s emerging smart home market within short span of time. Viva labs offer behavioral analysis which then enables crafting of smart homes even more easier.

Other features in Viva smart homes include smart heating, beautiful designs, video streaming, CVR, automatic alarm etc. Viva is compatible with third-party hardware devices as well. As far as Deployment is concerned, then it’s quite faster and comes in low upfront investments. These attributes fulfill the requirements of Lounea Oly and that’s why the company has chosen it as their smart home partner.

After smartphones, smart watches, smart TVs, smart gadgets its time for smart home market now and it’s growing at a rapid pace. The reason is simple, people want to live in a home that could meet their safety requirements and must be self-learning in itself. The software and Apps is a combination of functionalities offered by popular apps and delivers a more personalized service with plenty of options.

Lounea has some major competitors which are well-established companies like Samsung Smart Homes and some start ups like Nest Home. Lounea’s journey is not going to be easy one, since Nest is already doing well by offering multiple products like Nest learning thermostats, Smoke/CO Alarm for security and safety, Nest Camera for surveillance, and Nest Apps. Moreover as a company Nest was launched by ex-Apple engineers and later it was sold to Google, and now it is completely a Google entity. That’s why there is no shortage of funds and is very innovative in this segment. Nest’s Thermostat is a self-learning system that is programmable in nature. The basic function is to optimize heating and cooling of homes, and thus saving lot of energy.

Whereas Samsung offers a bit more for building smart home. Since Samsung has already given smart devices like fridges, washing machines, smart phones and smart wearables which are already contributing successfully to make your home smarter. But, Samsung’s Smart Home App is a centralized version of all smart apps including the Galaxy Gear which recognizes the commands and responds to it.

Nowadays smart homes are being considered to be a place that is well-equipped with modern technologies and has the capabilities to offer advanced living conditions, safer surroundings, pollution free atmosphere etc. An ideal smart home must have self learning system which is a kind of artificial intelligence system. Other things include WiFi enabled thermostats, sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors along with some advanced security systems. Obviously this will cost you lots of money if you consider these set ups individually, but a centralized smart home solution makes it more accessible to people at affordable prices.

Finland is one of the most emerging markets for this smart home segment and Lounea Oly is one of the first companies to enter the Finnish market. It will be interesting to see how this telecom and information technology company will create waves for its smart home business. Moreover its a great opportunity for the startup Viva Labs to expand their market and their business to compete with their rivals.

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