Demand Side Platforms (DSP) are taking over the digital marketing industry in terms of design and functionality. Following in the footsteps of the self-serve DSP comes the White Label DSP.

White Label DSPs are said to guarantee ultimate operations control, ad spend, and transparency. If properly implemented, they organize partners and streamline purchasing projects. Having a White Label license will benefit your company’s programmatic advertising in a number of ways, such as:

  • Offering a fully customizable platform that you can personalize to match your client’s requirements, style, or preferences.
  • Ability to resell to prospective customers your own rebranded platform.
  • One sole proprietor bidder. Translating to less expenditure as you avoid third-party provider fees.
  • You get to save resources such as time and money. Quality White Label DSP providers charge no monthly subscriptions.

Your business has the opportunity to grab all the benefits offered by a White Label DSP. At Targetoo, we aim to provide the best services and much more.

These platforms can be utilized in all enterprises. If correctly applied, the tech features can propel to new heights all digital ad campaigns you launch. Nearly all ad networks and brands can make use of White Label DSPs to gain a competitive edge in the digital market.

And recently, increasingly more users are opting for a customizable White Label DSP to manage their ad campaigns. Purchasing a ready-made platform is an affordable solution compared to creating a DSP from scratch. You evade expenses that you could have incurred from human resources, technology development, and maintenance. Not to mention the various other charges you may incur.

In the current digital scene, each company has to develop a competitive edge to survive aggressive competitors. That is why at White Label DSP firm, Targetoo, we strive to provide a fully customizable platform to propel your brand to the next level. Other than this, you get entrance to tertiary services to match your DSP, such as website development, digital branding, Search Engine Optimization, link building, and the trending mobile app design.

White Label DSPs were introduced to the online advertising enterprise about a decade ago. Since then, more stakeholders are adopting newly fangled approaches to keep up with modern times. Clients can personalize their platforms in multiple ways, to suit their style and provide the desired functionality. You choose the name you would like to reflect on the URL, select where you would like the logo to be placed, and even the various colors that adorn each platform’s segment.

Benefits Of A White Label DSP

White label marketing adds dynamism to any business. But how does this come about? The biggest perk offered by a White Label DSP is a proprietorship. You get to own the rights to the technology. There is also only one proprietor bidder, unlike a self-serve account, which may involve a 3rd party.

Another benefit is that you can link your White Label DSP to other platforms to make programmatic processes easier. For instance, incorporating an SSP or Adexchange to the system will automate, manage, buy, sell, and optimize ad space on your website and mobile apps. You enjoy more freedom in the marketplace. Data obtained from publishers helps you control the source of your traffic efficiently. You’ve complete control over your online campaign performance.

Getting to minimize your ad spend budget is another reason behind the growing popularity of White Label DSPs in marketing endeavors. Purchasing an already fabricated platform that you can personalize is way cheaper in comparison to designing one in-house. There are charges incurred from tech development, hiring and paying staff, running maintenance, plus other unrelated costs that may occur. Not to mention the hefty fees charged by other DSP companies in the form of monthly subscriptions. With a solution from us/Targetoo, you get to avoid these expenses by opting for a customizable ready-made platform.

Tech Features of A Good White Label DSP

We have seen the advantages of this fantastic technological innovation to brands and media agencies. But what components make a good White Label DSP stand out? Let us delve deeper into finding out about these segments and options.

Custom features

Targetoo White Label DSP gives you the option to have a say in the appearance of the platform. You can pick the name, segment colors, logo, and buttons placement.

Proprietorship claim

Pixels can be traced to determine the source code and ownership, as can the technology’s ownership to develop White Label software. Incorporate your preferred name in the code or URL, which gives you autonomy over the platform. Plus, no 3rd-party bidders/companies have any involvement, which allows us to offer rock-bottom prices. .

Get listed

At Targetoo, we facilitate listing in a DMP as your White Label DSP activation partner. A Data Management Platform (DMP) uses data obtained from ad campaigns and web pages to help advertising agencies make appropriate decisions to enhance ad targeting. Publishers, as well, collect information about users and inventory to enable transactions with third parties.

Forecasting endeavors

Forecasting tools determine the visitor’s experience when using your White Label DSP. They can further be managed to maximize the impact of demos to prospectives.


Every business values transparency in its ventures. You will appreciate the way deals with AdTech, agencies, and publishers are transacted with a useful White Label DSP.

Highly scalable

If a client requests additional features in their DSP capability, we/Targetoo allows to facilitate this. For instance, if your customer wants to buy inventory from alternate sources, we can propose and manage these integrations on behalf of your client. Same as including an API to influence communication between the DSP and other sources. You can easily enhance the AdTech features in your customer’s White Label DSP.


You might have to pay a hefty price to some DSP providers, but not at Targetoo. Some DSP firms stipulate a minimum charge, which usually begins at about 5000 dollars. We have no such thing as monthly minimums. The clients will admire the affordable services you accord them, thanks to a globally oriented White Label DSP.Contact us today for questions or a demo. At Targetoo, everything is possible.

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