According to this report, 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine. 

Any smart marketing strategy requires you to go where your customers are. With search engine optimization, or SEO, you can broadcast your content to every customer who searches online. 

Chances are high that your competitors are already doing it. Don’t fall behind! With these top 10 SEO trends of 2019, you can stay up-to-date with the latest strategies. 

Read on to learn how to increase your ranking, beat the competition, and reach more customers. 

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Many people are dependent on Google, Siri, or Alexa for answers. This has lead to the emergence of a new SEO trend: voice search. 

These digital assistants and smart home devices are changing how companies set up their SEO. 

Consider how your customers would search using one of these devices. Chances are, they’re asking direct questions.

Focus on longtail keywords when optimizing your content with these SEO trends. Also, try to anticipate possible questions your customers will ask. Then create quality content that answers these questions. 

Your content will respond to searched questions and show up in these voice searches!

2. Make Sure It’s Mobile

There’s a good chance that customers are checking your company out from a mobile device. Noticing that there’s been an increase in mobile users, Google now determines SEO website rankings based on your mobile website. 

Mobile-first indexing can help your website reach new heights or cause it to plummet.

Your customers are mobile, so you should be, too. You don’t want to miss out on potential customers searching from their phones. In fact, mobile SEO can help increase foot traffic into your store. 

According to FitSmallBusiness, eight out of 10 local mobile searches lead to a sale.

These people are already in the mood to buy. With SEO, you can leverage that mindset to encourage a sale. 

This mobile SEO gives customers convenient, easy access to the information they need. 

The sooner they have their answers, the sooner they’ll shop.

3. Believe in Blockchain

Most people immediately associate blockchain with cryptocurrency. However, its influence is starting to reach SEO, too. 

Blockchain tries to create a trustworthy, secure record of online transactions. It also verifies that every user is who they claim to be. 

Since Google is a middleman between an advertiser and website owner, blockchain can impact these transactions, too. Blockchain can determine whether someone is a real person or a bot. That way, website owners only pay for actual clicks to their website via PPC ads.

This reduces online ad fraud.

You can compare SEO vs. PPC to determine the difference.

SEO rankings depend on clicks, bounce rates, and website visitors. Blockchain can provide more accurate information about these visitors and clicks, which could change SEO rankings. 

4. Snatch Up Snippets

Snippets are the boxes at the top of a search that prominently display information. You might see these snippets as a recipe, bulleted list, or instructions. 

These snippets give your customers immediate, easy access to the answers they need. Searchers can find their answers directly within Google, then click on the snippet to visit your website for more in-depth info. 

Snippets can help your content stand out from every other ranked website. 

That way, you’re satisfying searchers, answering their questions, and standing out from the competition. 

If you want to rank for these snippets, consider what questions your customers are asking. Format this content in question and answer sequences. 

This will make sure that your content is already formatted for these snippets. 

5. Structured Stuff

Your website also needs structured data to stand out in search engines. Using this structured data, Google creates eyes-catching rich snippets. Like the snippets mentioned above, these take up prominent space at the top of a search. 

However, these rich snippets offer a little more. They can appear as:

  • Rating stars
  • Event data
  • Opening hours

These snippets allow you to structure your existing website data so it’s easier for searchers to find. 

6. Attend to User Experience

Google prioritizes websites optimized for user experience. That means fast load time, easy navigation, and consistent branding throughout your website. 

Remember, you’re not actually optimizing your content for search engines. Rather, you’re optimizing it for your website visitors. Once you recognize that, you can see why user experience is a big deal. 

For optimal user experience, check your website speed.

Make sure you optimize your website for mobile devices as well. 

You can also use a minimalistic website design. This web design style prioritizes user experience and makes the most of these SEO trends at the same time!

7. Up AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) gives your mobile optimization a boost. AMPs are usually focused on text instead of images. However, this SEO trend can help boost your ranking and help mobile pages load faster. 

Link building is essential to any SEO strategy. As you create unique content for your readers, make sure to include internal and external links. These links can add value and credibility to your posts. 

You can also use guest posts to attract outside readers to your blog. That way, you’re attracting new potential customers, too. 

9. Imaginative Images

Don’t forget to optimize your images! Image search means your visuals need to stand out, so reconsider out-of-date stock photography.

This provides another way for people to find your content online.  

10. Thought-Provoking Content

The base of any strong SEO strategy is the content (after all, content is king!).

Make sure your content answers customer questions. That way, you’re matching search intent and providing the content people are actually looking for.

You can also mix up your content with different materials. These include vlogs, blog posts, white papers, quizzes, and more! Now you’re engaging customers and using the latest SEO trends to do it!

Slay every search and attract new leads! With these top 10 SEO trends of 2019, you can dominate search engines. As you boost your SEO ranking, you’ll also position yourself above the competition. 

That way, you can attract new customers and reach new heights within your industry.

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